Premium Security Window Screens Sacramento

We proudly offer Guarda Meshtec premium Security Window Screens

At Screen and Shade Solutions, we are proud to offer Guarda Meshtec premium Security Window Screens for all your Sacramento, CA home and business needs. Guarda Meshtec screens are a top of the line, world class quality security screen made from marine grade stainless steel mesh, tempered and powder coated to create the appearance of a standard window screen with the strength and security of metal bars. Unless you have a pawn shop or a liquor store, you really cannot put bars on your windows or doors in Sacramento, CA without conveying the wrong impression to your neighbors, customers, friends and family. Bars on your windows tell the world that you do not trust anyone. Bars on your windows also keep would-be thieves from breaking in and stealing your valuable possessions or harming you or your family. But you can accomplish the same thing just as effectively without having to mar the appearance of your Sacramento home with metal bars across all your windows, just by choosing Guarda Meshtec screens from Screen and Shade Solutions.

Our premium Security Window Screens from Screen and Shade Solutions are virtually indestructible

You can watch videos online of people hitting it with a baseball bat: the bat breaks, and the screen emerges unscathed. Unlike conventional window screens, Guarda premium Security Window Screens really do make your home safe, making it like an impenetrable fortress. You can sleep soundly with peace of mind knowing that intruders cannot get into your home.

Other methods of home security are liable to failure. Professional thieves and criminals often know how to get around electronic home security systems, so you might not even hear the alarm go off if someone breaks into your house. Dogs, of course, are good for security but they cannot prevent anyone from even entering your house. The most certain form of security for your Sacramento home is a form that keeps anyone from even being able to get inside, no matter how hard they try, and premium Guarda security screens from Screen and Shade Solutions certainly do that. If you are looking for a certain and guaranteed security system that will keep you safe from intruders, you have found it with Guarda Meshtec premium security screens at Screen and Shade Solutions. Give us a call today for a free estimate and to see for yourself how safe and indestructible our Security Window Screens are.

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