Security Screen Doors Sacramento

Premium Security Screen Doors

Premium Security Screen Doors

At Screen and Shade Solutions, we are proud to offer premium security doors that will let you keep your house safe while also getting ventilation and fresh breezes inside. With the warm weather on its way, many homeowners are looking for ways to get fresh air into their homes and get rid of all the stale air from the winter. Screen doors are a great way to do this, but what if you are afraid of someone breaking in at the screen door and threatening you or your family? Premium security screen doors from Screen and Shade Solutions are the perfect answer to this problem. With our Guarda Meshtec premium security screen doors, you will be getting stainless steel mesh that is absolutely impenetrable. No one can cut it, and no one can hit a hole in it. The lock is solid, and no one can open the door unless you choose to open it yourself. If you are looking for a solution that gives you fresh air and ventilation and also keeps you completely safe in your Sacramento home, you have found the perfect solution with Guarda Meshtec premium security screen doors at Screen and Shade Solutions. Contact Us Today

Benefits of Security Screens

  • Provides security
  • Strong frame
  • Stainless steel screen
  • Heavy-duty keyed locks
  • Non-removable pin hinges
  • Add Value to your Home
  • Save money on energy bills
  • Increase peace of mind

Premium security screen doors are a great option for Sacramento homes, but they are also useful for Sacramento businesses as well. Glass doors are easy to break into at night, but premium security screen doors from Screen and Shade Solutions can prevent ay burglars or vandals from being able to break in and steal your valuable inventory or profits. With premium security screen doors from Screen and Shade Solutions, you can have both security and style at a great price. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

Guarda Premium Security Screens Sacramento

 Guarda Premium Security Screens Sacramento 

At Screen and Shade Solutions, we are proud to be able to offer Guarda premium security screens for all your security needs in Sacramento, CA. Guarda is a manufacturer of world class, cutting edge security screens made from tempered stainless steel mesh. These security screens give you all the ventilation of an ordinary window screen, and they look like an ordinary window screen as well. In reality, though, they have all the strength of heavy metal bars across your windows or doors, and are absolutely effective at keeping any intruders out of your Sacramento, CA home. Contact Us Today

Gurada and Meshtec Security Screen Door Specs:

  • Assembled Depth: (in.) 2 in
  • Assembled Height: (in.) 81.035 in
  • Assembled Width: (in.) 38.576 in
  • Color/Finish Powder-coat: (Please call for colors)
  • Door Configuration: Single Door
  • Door Handing: Universal/Reversible
  • Door Material: Aluminum
  • Door Size: 36 in. X 80 in.
  • Door Thickness: (in.) 2 in

Security is extremely important to any family in Sacramento, but people do not just put bars on their windows. It would give the wrong impression to the neighbors, and make them think that you did not trust them or that you thought the neighborhood was too unsafe for you. Therefore many Sacramento homeowners are at a loss for what to do for security, whether to rely on an electronic alarm system that can be disabled by professional thieves, or simply hope that no one breaks into their house and steals things or hurts them. You do not need to choose between your neighborhood reputation and your home’s security. With Guarda premium security screens from Screen and Shade Solutions, you will get the strength and security of burglar bars, with the sleek, respectable appearance of ordinary window screens. Many of our customers do not believe that a see-through screen could possibly be as strong as our Guarda premium security screens are, and are astounded when we show them its strength – it cannot be broken by a crowbar, and a baseball bat will break on the screen. You could soon be enjoying a house that gives you total peace of mind to live in, and be going to sleep every night knowing for certain that no one will be able to break into your house and harm you. Give us a call today and begin enjoying security and safety immediately!

Meshtec Premium Security Screens Sacramento

 Meshtec Premium Security Screens Sacramento 

Screen and Shade Solutions is proud to be your source for Meshtec premium security screens in the Sacramento, CA area! Meshtec premium security screens are a world class, state of the art security tool that is beginning to gain a lot of popularity in the Sacramento, CA area. Essentially, it is a stainless steel window screen that is completely impenetrable. Meshtec premium security screens provide the security and safety of heavy metal bars over you windows and doors, but they have the appearance of plain window screens. You can get light and ventilation through them, just as you can through ordinary window screens. The essential difference is that, while standard window screens can easily be cut or even broken through an accident such as someone kicking a screen door, Meshtec premium security screens simply cannot be cut or broken. Anyone who tries to break into your house will have to go through the wall because they will not be able to get through your window or door. Contact Us Today

Benefits of the Meshtec Security Screen Door

  • Aluminum strength and will never rust
  • Security snap cover
  • Fully-sealed coverage
  • Innovative full view security door
  • Protective powder-coat
  • High-tensile, stainless steel mesh
  • 3-Point locking system
  • Fits most standard-sized entryways
  • Smooth operating lock
  • Reversible (Left and Right Hand Entry)

In the past, the issue of home security was difficult for Sacramento homeowners to deal with. You can’t just put bars on your windows; it makes your neighborhood look unsafe and makes your neighbors think you don’t trust them. At the same time, you can’t just hope that no one breaks into your home with evil intentions. Since the introduction of Meshtec premium security screens, homeowners all over the Sacramento area have been flocking to have them put on their homes, because for the first time they can have total security and an absolute knowledge that no one will be able to get into their home, while not having to put anything on their house that announced to the world their fears for safety.

Meshtec premium security screens also come in a wide range of colors and styles, so you will be sure to be able to find a screen that will match well with and complement your Sacramento, CA home. If style is important to you, then Meshtec is the perfect answer for your security and window screen needs. We can install Meshtec window screens on any kind of window: wood framed, aluminum framed, or UPVC framed. Therefore whether you have an old house, a new house, or a remodeled house, we will be able to get you the security screen you need to be able to sleep in peace. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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