Security Screen Doors Roseville

At Screen and Shade Solutions, we are proud to offer Guarda/Meshtec premium security screens, security doors, and security windows in the Roseville, CA area.

Our Guarda/Meshtec products are top quality products that keep your family safe and secure, while also allowing you to look outdoors with an unobstructed view. Guarda protective screens are made with high tensile mesh, providing you with the security of metal bars and the look of a simple fly screen on your window or door. You will be able to open up your doors and windows to let the air flow through, and even leave them open overnight if you want to, all while keeping your home completely secure and safe with Meshtec premium security screens from Screen and Shade Solutions.

Guarda security screen doors made with Meshtec are unique among screens. Usually, window screens are not very strong: they are easy to cut through, and anyone who grew up with window screens probably knows just how easy it is to kick through them or break them accidentally when playing ball or roughhousing. Guarda security screen doors from Screen and Shade Solutions are not like the old-fashioned window screens or door screens you grew up with. Guarda protective screens are made with Meshtec, which is a stainless steel screen that is absolutely strong and sturdy. Our Guarda security screens will not break if a foot accidentally goes through them like old fashioned screen doors of our youth, nor will they break, rip, or cut if someone malicious tries to get into your home. If you live in an area of town where you are worried about crime, or even if you simply want to make sure that your family is safe regardless of how safe your neighborhood is, you can count on Guarda security screens to keep your loved ones safe and secure. With the safety of steel bars and the look of a window screen or door screen, you do not need to compromise style for security ever again in the Roseville, CA area!

At Screen and Shade Solutions, we carry a wide variety of colors, styles, and configurations so that you can be certain of getting the Guarda/Meshtec security screen door or window that fits your needs for your Roseville, CA home. Our Guarda/Meshtec screens are designed by architects to be easy to fit into any window, whether it is framed with wood, UPVC, or aluminum. Whether you have a new house or an old house, we will be able to install Guarda/Meshtec premium security screens for you without a problem.

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