Security Screen Doors Loomis

When it comes to security screen doors in the Loomis, CA area, Screen and Shade Solutions is the ideal place to come.

We are proud to supply Guarda Meshtec security screen doors and security window screens. This is a world-class quality screen company that provides screens for your windows and doors that gives you the same security as metal bars, with the sleek and attractive look of standard window screens. If you are looking for the perfect solution for your home security needs and do not want to place metal bars on your windows and doors, Guarda Meshtec security screen doors from Screen and Shade Solutions has what you are looking for.

There is no doubt that metal bars help to keep home and businesses safe, but they certainly do not look friendly. This might be acceptable for liquor stores, where patrons expect the windows and doors to have heavy bars on them, but to go to someone’s house and find bars on their windows and doors is quite a bit more jarring and unnerving. Many Loomis homeowners therefore find themselves having to choose between home security and a pleasing appearance for their homes.

Knowing that professional thieves often don’t have a problem disarming electronic security systems simply increases the worry for Loomis homeowners, and the fact is that physically preventing thieves from entering the house is by far the best form of security there is. With Guarda Meshtec security screens and security screen doors from Screen and Shade Solutions, there is no need to choose anymore. You can have all the security of metal bars, and all your guests and neighbors will see is a simple window screen and screen door.

How are Guarda Meshtec security screens made to be able to do this? Most window screens are made with lightweight, fairly flexible metal to keep costs low and make installation easy. Guarda Meshtec security screens are made with stainless steel, and powder coated to give the look of a regular window screen. At Screen and Shade Solutions, you can get security screen doors and security window screens in a wide variety of colors and styles, in order to match your home’s architecture, decorative design, and landscape design. Our installation experts can install Guarda Meshtec screens on wood framed windows, aluminum framed windows, and UPVC framed windows. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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