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Specializing in Security Window Screens and Security Screen Doors in El Dorado Hills

Homeowners and business owners in the El Dorado Hills area know that Screen and Shade Solutions cares about your safety at home and at work. We want to help you be able to sleep soundly at night and have peace of mind that no one is going to break in and steal your money or your valuable possessions. Unfortunately, electronic security systems are not guaranteed to keep you safe, because savvy professional criminals often know how to disarm them. This is why we offer Guarda Meshtec security screen doors and security window screens. These industry leading screens are made of marine grade stainless steel mesh, tempered for strength and powder coated for an attractive appearance. With Guarda Meshtec security screen doors and security window screens, you get the safety of metal bars over your windows and doors, with the attractive appearance of ordinary window screens. You will have peace of mind in your El Dorado Hills, CA home or business, and your guests, family members, and customers will not even know that your ordinary looking screens are actually high-tech security devices.

Many businesses put metal bars on their windows and doors to protect from having their windows broken and their inventory or profits stolen during the night. Customers expect to see metal bars on some businesses, such as liquor stores or pawn shops, but they can be surprising and jarring on other business establishments. Unfortunately, you cannot afford to have your El Dorado Hills business broken into any more than a liquor store or a pawn shop can, but metal bars would give your business the wrong look and give your customers the wrong impression. With security screens for your windows and doors from Screen and Shade Solutions, you do not have to choose between security and appearance anymore. Your windows will be protected from being broken by vandals or broken into by thieves, and your customers will see only a simple window screen. If you want your window display not to be obscured by a screen, our experts at Screen and Shade Solutions can guide you to pick the color of Guarda Meshtec security screen that will most easily allow customers to see in your window and will not obstruct their view of your window display.

At home, security is even more important because it keeps your family, your most prized and valuable asset in the world, safe. At home, too, metal bars give an even worse impression because they communicate to your neighbors that you think the neighborhood is frighteningly unsafe. Once again, Guarda Meshtec security screen doors and security window screens make it so that you do not have to choose between security and appearances anymore. Give us a call today for a free estimate and find out why Guarda Meshtec security screen doors are one of our top selling products at Screen and Shade Solutions!

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