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Security Screen Doors Sacramento

Security Screen Doors Sacramento

Security Screen Doors Sacramento

Security Screen Doors Sacramento


Security Screen Door Sacramento

Security Screens and Security Screen Doors

  • We specialize in Guarda/Meshtec Security Screen Doors & Windows

In the Sacramento, CA area, many homeowners want to have their houses look beautiful, and they want to keep them completely safe. When it comes to home security, it can be a little bit rare to find home security solutions that look beautiful and work effectively. You can have both with Guarda security screens made with Meshtec screen from Screen and Shade Solutions. Our Guarda/Meshtec security screen doors and screen windows are strong and durable, so that would-be thieves cannot cut through them or remove them from your window to get in. In fact, Meshtec screen from Screen and Shade Solutions is made with powder-coated stainless steel, so it gives you the strength and security of metal bars along with the style and look of a basic window screen.

Security Screen Door Benefits

  • Security
  • Beauty
  • Functionality
  • Performance
  • Style
  • Grace

Some areas of Sacramento are quite safe to live in and some are a little bit more risky, but no matter where in the Sacramento, CA area you live, we understand at Screen and Shade Solutions that your family’s safety is your biggest priority. As your source for window and door screens, your family’s safety is also our priority, which is why we offer the innovative solution of Guarda Meshtec premium security screen doors. These are world class screen doors that are impossible to cut or kick through, as well as being unable to be removed from the outside. You can be certain that your windows and doors will be quite safe from intruders and burglars with Guarda security screens from Screen and Shade Solutions.

Meshtec screens are beautiful and impossible to break into

You might expect a security screen door that promises all these things to be clunky and awkward in appearance, but Meshtec screens are just as unobtrusive and pleasing to look at as standard window screens. This certainly does not look like a screen that is as strong as steel bars, but it is! Meshtec screens from Screen and Shade Solutions function exactly as regular window screens do, allowing air in and keeping bugs out, with the single exception that Meshtec screens also keep two-footed pests out as well.

Meshtec Guarda screens come in a wide range of colors and styles to suit your needs at your Sacramento, CA home. Whatever your decorating scheme, landscaping design, or architectural design of your home is, we have Guarda screens that will look great on your home’s windows and doors at Screen and Shade Solutions.

Our Guarda screens will also fit in any window and are compatible with:

  • Any window framing design
  • Wood framed windows
  • Aluminum framed windows
  • UPVC framed windows
  • Front Doors
  • Side Doors
  • Back Doors

Get a Meshtec security screen to keep your home safe and your house looking fantastic!

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